PROCALY, integration and cabling for strong constraints
integration and cabling for strong constraints

PROCALY, integration and cabling for strong constraints.

PROCALY, founded in 1990, is a middle size company specialized in wiring, cabling & integration for electronic, electro-technical products, mainly for Railways, Military, Aeronautic, Mining sectors..

  • Cables, harnesses, looms, cable assembly
  • Integration of systems, cabled racks, cubicles, shelters
  • Installation, commissioning, project management, training,
  • Technology & know-how transfer
  • Preparation of cables & kits
  • Wrapping cabling with Termi-point, Serti
  • Cutting, Crimping
  • Tests (Functional, hi-pot, continuity, burn-in …)
  • Integration level 3, 4, 5
  • Maintenance and retrofit
  • Industrialization of designs, files, Bill of Materials
  • Normative management on behalf of the customers to adapt designs, files, semi or finished products to the European railway standards.

From a cabling activity, PROCALY has created an added value services offer you can find today trough atypical proposals:

  • Maintenance & Retrofit (on site or not, on board or not)
  • Installation & commissioning (worldwide)
  • Logistic & SupplyChain management

Logistic occupies a critical place inside production flows and the application of Logistic « tools » allows to manufacture & deliver to customers in an optimum QCD performance. On this basis, PROCALY proposes to its customers & partners many pragmatic levers to improve the Supply Chain.